Flexibility, own production facilities and knowledge of gear technology are distinctive to Advanced Gearbox Services. Advanced Gearbox Services acquired its knowledge by the development and the takeover of OEMs.

We strive to keep our knowledge as an OEM at the highest level by the development of new gearboxes, made with the newest technologies. We lead in the gear technology branch through innovative designs and applications. The engineers of our Engineering Department supervise the repairs, design modifications and develop complete "custom-built" gearboxes.

New gearbox within 3 months
Usually, the client only needs to pass on the desired reduction, axle centre-to-centre distances and the power for a new gearbox to be built. In a short space of time, our engineers discuss a design and accompanying calculations with the client. After receiving the order, the production drawings are made, from which the parts of the gearbox are made. This service-minded attitude enables Advanced Gearbox Services to design, make and supply a high quality, complete gearbox to the client within three months.

Drawing packages
The takeovers we have made in the past have given us complete drawing packages of Kuypers, Brevo, Rademakers and Conrad. This enables us to supply the spare parts of the above makes in accordance with the original measurements and types of material.

The Engineering Department has to calculate the parts concerned for a new construction, modifications or overhaul. This allows us to assess if the selected quality is correct. A list is given below of which calculations and accompanying software are used:

Gear calculations: according to DIN, Neratrans, AGMA and self-written applications; gear control calculations according to classification agencies such as Germanische Lloyd, DNV and ABS.

Axle calculations: according to Hexagon and in-house developed applications.
Bearing calculations: according to SKF, FAG, Timken and in-house developed applications for reversing and sliding bearings.

2D and 3D drawing software is also used to design and draw the parts. For example, calculations of stresses, displacements and own frequencies in complex strain situations are carried out according to the finite elements method using Ansys Design Space.

Forged rings under classification
We have forged rings (max Ø1600mm), profiled geometry very close to the final shape of the finished component. Our rings are used in many gearbox applications in industrial and maritime branches. Because we have the rings in stock, we are able to serve our customers even faster with their gearbox problems.